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Mattie was born April 3, 2011, 9 weeks premature. Mattie defied all odds and was born 15 weeks after her mom’s water broke. Her chances of survival were 12%. At 3 weeks of age Mattie was diagnosed with a brain injury called PVL and at 8 months old was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Through countless hours of therapy, Mattie has learned to sit up, stand, and is currently learning to walk with a walker.

All money raised by “fund-racing” will help pay for Mattie’s therapy. Many of the therapies Mattie undergoes are not covered by insurance. Thank you for supporting Hope for Mattie’s Fund-Racing Team! We are truly grateful.

To learn more about Mattie’s Story, Click HERE

Training for any race is not an easy task, but running for charity can make the process more meaningful, help you stay on track and provide the support and inspiration to raise funds to support Mattie and raise awareness for cerebral palsy. Let us know if you are interested in become a part of Hope for Mattie’s Fund-Racing Team by emailing us at



Lindsey Roseman and Russell Valente

Boston Marathon * April 18, 2016 * Boston, Massachusetts

 Russell and I are currently fundraising for an amazing cause, my friends’ beautiful little girl, Mattie. We are running the Boston Marathon on April 18th in honor of Mattie. Every dollar you donate goes directly to helping this amazing little girl so she can have a life as wonderful as she is. Donating is as easy as it gets – just click the link below. Thank you in advance for your amazing generosity!!! We know you won’t let us down!

Other Fund-Races by Lindsey:

Boston 1/2 Marathon * October 13, 2013 * Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Marathon * April 15, 2013 * Boston, MA

Providence 1/2 Marathon * May 12, 2013 * Providence, Rhode Island


Megan Clarey

Philadelphia Marathon * November 17, 2013 * Philadelphia, PA

Hello All, I am running the Philadelphia Marathon on November 17 for Hope for Mattie. Help Mattie by sponsoring me in my run. Mattie has inspired me in so many ways, her smile and determination remind me that nothing is impossible. Let’s help her and show our support for cerebral palsy, I’ll run and you donate!

Other Fund-Races by Megan:

Tampa Bay Gasparilla Half Marathon * February 24, 2013 * Tampa, FL

Manasquan 5 mile Turkey Trot * November 17, 2012 * Manasquan, NJ The Manasquan 5 mile race has been cancelled due to the extensive damage Hurricane Sandy wreaked in Manasquan – All monies raised to date will go toward sponsoring Megan in the Gasparilla 1/2 marathon on February 24, 2013 in Tampa, Florida


Gasparilla 1/2 Marathon – Run for Mattie Team:

Jessica Spinner, Jim Spinner, Mindy Bennett, Tasha Palmer, Megan Clarey, Jamie Brownrigg, Justin Defiel

Tampa Bay Gasparilla Half Marathon

February 24, 2013 * Tampa, FL

“We are excited to meet the challenge of running 13.1 miles to benefit our daughter, Mattie. Jess has never run this far but we are both extremely motivated to do this so we can show our kids that if they work hard to achieve their goals, there is nothing they can’t accomplish. Seeing how hard Mattie works each day has been inspirational and we want her to know that we are all working as hard as we can to help her realize her full potential. We need your help! (Don’t worry-you won’t have to run!)

Mattie has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She can not sit, crawl, stand, or walk on her own. The only therapy that is working for her is not covered by insurance. We have said from day 1 that we will not stop fighting for her until she can run a race alongside us.”

You can help Mattie by sponsoring us in the race. Thank you for your support!