Mattie’s Story

 Mattie’s story is one of hope, strength, faith, and courage.

Mattingly Hope was born April 3, 2011, 9 weeks premature. Prior to that, she grew with little to no amniotic fluid. Her chances of survival were 12%. Through positive thoughts and prayers, Mattie defied all odds and was born 15 weeks after my water broke. At 3 weeks of age Mattie was diagnosed with a brain injury called PVL and at 8 months old was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Since then, we have had our ups and downs. It is never easy to be a parent of a special needs child. As we go through this journey together, we know that love and faith will guide our way. Our hope for Mattie is for her to one day stand & walk on her own. Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle and Mattie proves that to us everyday.

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Hope for WP

Thank you for your support. We are truly grateful.

With Hope and Love, The Spinner Family

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Mattie - 1 day oldMattie – 1 Day Old

Joba and Mattie - Oct 2012

Joba (3 1/2) and Mattie (1 1/2) – October 2012

Joba and Mattie June 2014

Joba (5) and Mattie (3) – June 2014


Mattie – 4 Years Old – November 2015


Mattie – 5 Years Old – November 2016


Mattie – 6 Years Old – November 2017

JessicaSpinner20 (1)

Mattie – 8 Years Old – November 2019


Mattie – 9 Years Old – November 2020