Our Hope for Mattie is that one day she will reach her full potential. Many of the therapies Mattie undergoes are not covered by insurance. Your support will enable Mattie to continue her therapies and one day reach her ultimate goal of walking.

One ABM Therapy Session $60

One Hippotherapy (Horseback Riding) Session $60

One Speech Session $60

♥ One ABM Session in NYC or California: $200

Sponsor a local ABM Therapy Trip: 6 ABM sessions with Hotel $500

Please click on the above therapy you would like to sponsor. We will be doing another Sponsor-A-Therapy week in 2018! Please let us know, during check out, if we can use your name on our website to thank you.

Thank you for your support of Mattie. Your contribution makes it possible for Mattie to continue to receive the therapies she needs.  Everyday holds the possibility of a miracle. We are truly grateful.