Follow Up

Mattie’s surgery went well. Tubes were put in both ears and her adenoid was removed by Mattie’s ENT doctor. After those procedures were done, Mattie’s general surgeon came in and removed a “mass” from her vagina (nothing to be concerned out). I figured since Mattie was going under for her ears, we might as well do a double surgery.

I got a little panicked after 35 minutes passed from meeting with the surgeon and they still had not called us back to see Mattie (the nurse said it can take 20-30 minutes for her to wake up). By 40 minutes, I was about to lose it. I sent Jim to talk to the nurse b/c I was about to be in tears. At 44 minutes, they finally called us back to go see her. Poor baby. She was whimpering as she was being held by a nurse. I took Mattie from the nurse and almost cried. It took a while for Mattie to open her eyes and for us to get a smile. We were in recovery for 30 minutes before we were allowed to go home. On the way home she puked but since then she has been a trooper. I have not noticed any change in her hearing, I guess time will tell. We follow up with the ENT doctor in 3 weeks to re-test her hearing. Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers!


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