Goodbye 2012

Our Holiday Fundraiser was a great success. We raised $1,756 that will go directly to Mattie therapies! We sold 173 ornaments along with 31 hope totes and 13 key chains! That does not include the generous monetary donations and jewelry sales that also came in during this time. Wow!!! Thank you all soooooo much!

Where did the year go? We went from Halloween to Christmas in the blink of an eye. Mattie has had so many accomplishments this year. I am so proud of how far she has come. I have been thinking about some resolutions and goals for Mattie with New Years fast approaching, but decided that I did not want to have any for her. We will continue our journey one day at a time knowing that everyday holds the possible of a miracle.


Jim and I hope that everyone has a fantastic New Year! Thank you for all your support this year. You are truly amazing!
Here is to an amazing, hopeful, loving, successful, no regrets 2013!

With love and hope,
The Spinner’s

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