1 step back, 2 steps forward

We went and saw Mattie’s GI doctor on Monday. The news was not great. According to GI, Mattie only gained 1.5 pounds in 9 weeks. In fact, Mattie actually fell off the growth chart. This differs from our Pedi and my growth chart. For some reason our GI uses the CDC charts and the Pedi and I use the CDC-WHO charts. Regardless, Mattie is not gaining the weight she should be. Her height was also taken using more precise equipment then our Pedi’s office and her revised height puts her into the 20%. So begins the effort to fatten this kid up 😉
We are already doing a lot of what the GI wants us to do. Several weeks ago we started to make our own baby food. We are trying to get her eating lumpier textures but she still spits out and chokes if it is too lumpy. We are going to have our feeding/speech therapist do another evaluation on Mattie. The GI doctor mentioned doing a swallowing test, but I don’t think we are there yet. Mattie has gotten a little better eating since we moved her back into her feeding chair (we had moved her into a more traditional high chair for a month). The GI also wants us to put Carnation Breakfast in her milk (once she is weaned 100% onto whole milk). Ummmm… Gross. Now it has been a long time since I had this stuff, but looking at the ingredient list I am not convinced that I want Mattie drinking this stuff. 99% of Mattie’s food and dairy is organic. I did come across something similar to Carnation called PediaSmart Dairy that is Organic and Non-GMO!! Woohoo! I love it except for the fact that it is 247% (yes, I did the math) more expensive. We just can’t catch a break. [I will leave the organic/non-gmo debate for another post] Other GI requests are to use butter, whipping cream, and olive oil when making her food. Yum! We have been able to wean Mattie off of her Prevacid so she is now 100% medicine free.

This past weekend, we were able to fit in 3 sessions of ABM in Sarasota. We spent a lot of time planting her feet, integrating her legs, and rolling. On Sunday, Mattie and I were working on rolling left and she was able to do it once with no help! I was excited. Sarah told us that she rolled left twice today with no help! I really think she is on the verge mastering the left roll. She has started to use her legs to propel herself forward. It is amazing to watch her. She never realized that she could move up/forward. For example, when she sleeps, she is in the same exact spot we put her in. She is making progress and it is awesome!! We are heading up to Gainesville later this month for 4 sessions and hopefully get in another 2 sessions in Sarasota.

I can reach my toes with no problem!

Thanks to Jim’s cousin, Greta, we have found an alternative solution to purchasing an expensive bath chair! We have been trying to use a bath chair that is meant for kids that sit up but Mattie hates it. She has no support and it is very uncomfortable for her.
So we bought the recommended Eurobath bathtub for under $30. For right now it is perfect. Finally, bath time is calm and relaxed again. Check it out:


The Hope for Mattie Jewelry Collection has been a HUGE success. As of my last count a few days ago, we have sold 39 pieces and more orders are coming in daily. Jim and I want to thank everyone who has helped by donating money or purchasing a piece of Hope. We are so grateful! We are going to be able to start Aqua Therapy this month and add a few extra ABM sessions as well. So… THANK YOU! xoxoxo

Mattie sporting her new Hope For Mattie necklace!

Mattie pretty much over this “photo shoot”

2 thoughts on “1 step back, 2 steps forward

  1. Great news! And I’m happy she’s enjoying her bath now! I hope her great progress continues!! She is beautiful and looks so happy! She has AMAZING PARENTS too! XOXO

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