Success and a Heartbeat

We have had an overwhelming response to the Hope for Mattie Jewelry Collection. As of today we have sold 67 pieces of jewelry. Words can not begin to explain how thankful we are to everyone who has contributed-by either purchasing a piece of this collection, sharing it with friends or by making a donation directly to Mattie. We are truly blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives. We just can’t thank Dawn enough for all of her hard work. We have kept her extremely busy these past few weeks and we are forever grateful for her and her beautiful designs.

As you all know, we are using the money raised to help pay for Mattie’s therapies. Currently Mattie’s therapies consist of OT 1 x week, PT 1 x week, Craniosacral Therapy 2-4 x month and ABM1 x month (4 sessions). The monthly cost of all of these combined is $745 and that does not include her specialty doctors, our nanny (Mattie is not able to go to a “normal” daycare) and everyday costs of raising a baby.

With the money we have raised from the jewelry line and from donations, we have been able to add an additional 6 sessions of ABM this month and will be able to continue adding more sessions in the following months 🙂

I have tried a few times to explain to you what ABM is, but a fellow special needs mom (SNM) created an amazing website for parents called CP Daily Living. She posted an article called “Filling in the Pieces: The Anat Baniel Method & Cerebral Palsy”. I encourage everyone to go and read this. She explains it in a way that I never could. ABM is the basis of Mattie’s therapies and I truly believe in it. ABM offers us hope that one day Mattie will walk.

My Aunt and Uncle were in town this past week. It had been a month since they had seen Mattie (during this past month was when we started doing the additional ABM sessions. Mattie’s last session was this past Friday afternoon). Friday evening was when my Aunt and Uncle saw her and they could tell there was improvement! It is not always easy for us to see it since we are with her everyday, but it really hit home that someone who does not see her everyday is noticing.

Mattie seems to be more in tune with her body. She is more comfortable, not so tight, and is starting to move more freely. She is starting to play with more cognitive toys. She was actively participating in a ball popper game with Joba just last night. It was the first time that they have both played together. It was such an awesome moment.

Jim and I have been thinking about taking Mattie to see a “master” ABM practitioner. Many parents on the ABM message boards have made the trip to California to spend a week doing intensive ABM sessions with the master herself, Anat Baniel. All of the parents who have made the trip have raved about Anat’s abilities and the progress they have seen in their children. Could Anat Baniel give us some insight on what Mattie needs to focus on and what her core problems are? More on this to come….

I can tell Mattie wants to sit up. She moves her body like she is doing a plank sit up (not an easy thing to do) and tries to sit up but cant. If you think about going from lying down to sitting, that is not the easiest way to get up. Rolling sideways, propping your arm, and then pushing yourself up to sitting is what we are working on with her. It is just a matter of time before she makes the connections and is finally able to sit up on her own.

I came across a voice memo that I left myself from the night Mattie was born. I had completely forgotten about it. I recorded her heart beating. It had become such a part of my life all those weeks in the hospital that I knew I would miss hearing it once she was born. Check it out below, it is only 30 seconds 😉

2:19am – 3 hours before Mattie was Born

Play Time

Joba doing Craniosacral 😉

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