A 1st Birthday and A 3rd Opinion

Mattie’s birthday bash went fabulously! She enjoyed the icing 🙂 I wanted to take her in the pool for the first time, but the water was a little too chilly for her. We had around 50 people come to celebrate this amazing milestone! Thank you to all that came, sent messages, or gifts! It is always much appreciated!!

I posted a few pics on facebook. So go check out her Hope for Mattie page (and Like It)!

Our Preemie Display

Yummmmmmmmy Icing!

We had a 3rd opinion ophthalmologist appointment last week and on Monday I took her back to her original ophthalmologist. Here is a little background info:

We were referred by Mattie’s neurologist to go see Dr. W due to Mattie having crossed eyes (strabismus). I knew Mattie’s eyes were crossing but I thought it would just go away since sometimes babies eyes cross. So we went to see Dr. W when Mattie was 5 months old. Dr. W told us to start patching her right eye to help strengthen her left eye. We did this 3 times a week for 4 months and saw no noticeable difference. She does not have a “bad” case of eye crossing, but it does happen when she looks at things closely or gets tired.

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